(To be signed by Parent/Guardian at the time of admission only)

  1. We acknowledge that this application does not automatically admit your child to R.K. International School.

R.K. International School reserves the right to make a final decision with respect to admission.

  1. We acknowledge that this application is accepted, Our Child and We(her/his parents or guardians) undertake to abide by the Policies and Regulations of R.K. International School and We understand that in serious instances of breach like, damage to school property, harm to another student/teacher, Our child may be asked to leave the school.

  2. We acknowledge that, upon acceptance of this application. We agree to pay the total fees and abide by the billing options outlined in the fee schedule as informed by the school time to time.

  3. We acknowledge that the school will take reasonable care and exercise due diligence within its premises and during school activities, It will bear no responsibility If the applicant exercise any reckless and /or careless behaviour that may endanger her/his safety and others around and as such cause harm or injury to herself/ himself and others.

  4. We declare that all previous medical and psychological histories are correctly reported on the admission form.

  5. On leaving the school, Your child shall return any school property they might have borrowed during their time of study in the school.

We agree that R.K. International School reserves the right of refunding/ not refunding the Tuition Fee ( or any such fee which is paid at the time of admission), in case the child leaves/gets transferred during the course of the Academic Year.